“This is the Golgotha of our own city.”

In our current political climate so much has been said. So much hatred expressed. So little self introspection, humbleness and humility shared.  It’s incredibly easy to become swept up in it all…the anger. The fear. The self-righteousness.

The following words, published in the late 1800’s, calm my heart each time I read them.  They remind me of His presence, His power, and the freedom so graciously given to me, not by my government, but by Him, to choose how I will respond to the most important relationship in my life.

An exerpt from The Trial And Death Of Jesus Christ: A Devotional History Of Our Lord’s Passion, by James Stalker, Copyright 1894.  

“It is possible to admire the Christ of the Bible and yet be persecuting and opposing the Christ of our own century. The Christ of today signifies the truth, the cause, the principles of Christ, and the men and women in whom these are embodied. We are either helping or hindering those movements on which Christ has set His heart; often, without being aware of it, men choose their sides and plan and speak and act either for or against Christ. This is the Passion of our own day, the Golgotha of our own city. But it comes nearer than this. 

The living Christ Himself is still in the world: He comes to every door; His Spirit strives with every soul. And He still meets with these three kinds of treatment—apathy, antipathy, sympathy. As a magnet, passing over a heap of objects, causes those to move and spring out of the heap which are akin to itself, so redeeming love, as revealed in Christ, passing over the surface of mankind century after century, has the power so to move human hearts to the very depths that, kindling with admiration and desire, they spring up and attach themselves to Him. This response may be called faith, or love, or spirituality, or what you please; but it is the very test and touchstone of eternity, for it is separating men and women from the mass and making them one for ever with the life and the love of God.”

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